Top 5 Reasons the modern Mormon church leadership are False Prophets

Caleb Rockstedt
6 min readApr 28, 2022


Jesus warned us that in the last days there would be many false prophets.

He described them as wolves in sheep’s clothing who had climbed into the fold by some other way instead of entering in through the proper gate/way.

He told us to discern them by their fruits, telling us that a good tree does not bring forth bad fruit.

As is becoming more and more obvious, the Mormon/LDS leadership’s fruits are rotten.

Remember: A fruit is the end product of the plant. Nothing from their careers or lives before their current positions counts as an apostolic or prophetic fruit.

Jesus cursed the figtree because it was all leaves and no actual fruit.

And that is what he consistently called out the pharisees for; all appearance of goodness, little to no genuine relationship with the Lord or spiritual anointing.

So what are some of these bad fruits? Well, here’s my top 5.

  1. Not Eyewitnesses Of Jesus

The apostolic charge Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdrey gave in 1835 to the original “twelve” was that their ordination as apostles would not be complete until they had seen Jesus personally face to face. From then on, their role as apostles would be to go forth and spread abroad the word that they were personal eyewitnesses to the resurrected Jesus, just as the original twelve apostles at Jerusalem.

Contrary to that, several modern LDS apostles have now admitted publicly that they have not seen Jesus. Heber J Grant said he wasn’t aware of anyone who had seen the Lord since Joseph Smith.

Dallin H Oaks even said in 2016 that he wasn’t aware of anyone in the top 15 who had so much as seen an angel like Alma the Younger. He then discouraged the young adults from seeking such an experience for themselves.

2. Faith NOT To Be Healed

We are told in the New Testament that signs and miracles, healings, casting out demons, etc. would accompany the true apostles/disciples of Jesus in their preaching as a testament that they wield actual authority from the Lord.

It is meant to be visible.

It is not a pearl cast before swine.

If anything, the swine are the heathen, pagans, atheists, etc. But miracles should be apparent to the believers, and they should not be withheld from the children/believers in order just to deprive the "dogs" scraps from the Master’s table.

Contrary to this, 90% of the most recent 15-20 LDS conference talks about faith healing and healing miracles specifically talk about "having the faith not to be healed".

The consistent sunliminal messaging is "believe that he could if he wanted to, but he probably won’t actually heal you, so don’t get your hopes up".

In 2011, Dallin H Oaks specifically told the men of the LDS church not to be shy about laying their hands on people to heal them.

However, all through the recent “global situation", the messaging was exactly the opposite: Don’t go to hospitals trying to lay your hands on people. Don’t gather together as a church to pray for healing. Just stay at home and look to the government to save you.

None of this is faith-affirming. This is faith-excusing at best, and faith-denying at worst.

3. No More Church Growth

Another key way we are told in scripture that we would recognize true messengers from the Lord is that they would add numbers to the kingdom.

Contrary to both this and the original Church of Christ established by Joseph Smith, the modern “apostles” no longer go on missions preaching the gospel in new areas where the church is not yet established.

They have, in a sense, relegated this duty to teenagers, and usurped the administration of the church away from the equal administrative split (Apostles, Seventies, and Stake Presidents) of the original church.

Many of us were placated in this by the continued growth of the church; giant snowball rolling down the mountain without hands to fill the earth, etc.

However, in recent years, they stopped publishing parts of the annual statistical data because it began to just how many people we were actually losing.

The curve of the growth trajectory has dramatically changed, and so called Active/attending Members could now be as low as 4 million worldwide, less than 25% of the membership numbers they claim.

Because most people who leave the church never get their name officially removed, numbers of baptisms, children of record and overall growth numbers don’t accurately show what’s happening.

Most LDS will attest anecdotally that they have seen more friends, families and ward members leave the church in the last few years than have seen new baptisms occur.

Ex-mormon groups on Facebook and other social media report their numbers tripling and quadrupling each year the last two years. There is an obvious growing exodus occurring, and anyone paying attention can see it.

The other crucial aspect of this issue is the stark way in which the church has over the course of 180 years shifted the doctrine of Christ away from what Joseph taught from scripture to a procedural statistic process that affirms the "authority" of the church institution itself as absolute.

This is a little hard to explain without in-depth scripture study, because church members been very successfully programmed to trust in the authority of the institutional church and president as living "prophet" over the word of God through scripture and personal revelation.

In short, the greater majority of the membership who have allegedly "received the Holy Ghost" have not actually received their Baptism of Fire and the Holy Ghost as described in scripture, and do not get clear answers and direction from the Lord for their everyday life.

Joseph Smith also taught of the personal eyewitness of Jesus face to face as the Second or "Other" Comforter experience which all of us are capable of receiving in our lives.

This definition of the Second Comforter has been actively removed from LDS church resources like the Bible Dictionary, Index and scriptural footnotes since 2013, around the same time they began seriously pushing the Gospel Library app to the membership.

4. Not Without Nor Scrip

The twelve Jesus called in scripture are to go forth without purse or scrip relying wholly upon the Lord and his miracles and provision.

Contrary to this, Brigham Young quickly exempted the leadership from tithes upon taking over and changed their role from a missionary one to an administrative one.

Now they get all their debts and mortgages paid for by the church, flashy reimbursements, all travel paid-for, and a six-figure annual living stipend of at least $120,000.

So what, you say, they have devoted their whole lives to the service of God.

Well, no, not really. Firstly, they rotate resposibilities so they all get two month-long holidays a year, and secondly, they have all already had long successful careers from which they have usually retired, as they are all of retirement age.

The “stipend” they receive comes on top of any wealth and retirement savings they have amassed during their careers as doctors, lawyers, businessmen and university administrators.

Not to mention all the book deals, board and shareholder positions at major corporations they are allowed to maintain, and access to inside trading information as they manage over a trillion dollars worth of assets for the church (which, by the way, profited handsomely from their pharmaceutical push these last two years).

Gary E Stevenson in particular has a net worth closely approaching a billion dollars, and he is still on the board of directors at the sporting company he helped build.

On paper, at the very least, it doesn’t appear that they have completely forsaken the world for the service of the Lord.

5. Not Exposing Works Of Darkness

According to Paul, true disciples of Christ are meant to take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.

He even told us to avoid even the appearance of evil.

Contrary to this, we have Lorenzo Snow meeting up with Baron Rothschild, Brigham Young and elite Freemasons, Wilford Woodruff going to Bohemian Grove, John Taylor meeting with the Royals in England, etc.

More recently, we have meetings with corrupt US Presidents, Freemasonic handshakes with Popes, pedophilia and illuminati symbology in LDS youth messaging, snake-eye symbology on the front of the Liahona, etc.

Perhaps most disturbingly, we have some shady legal moves altering the statute of limitations on child abuse in Utah causing the specific case trying one of President Nelson’s own daughters and her husband for widespread child abuse in the 90s to be dropped while all the women in the church were "fasting" from social media at Nelson’s invitation. (Nelson more specifically was in a “Skull and Bones”-affiliated secret society called “Owl and Key" during his college years.)

If you don’t think this stinks of secret combinations and giant coverups, then perhaps you need to ask Jesus to heal your sense of smell, because it all stinks to high heaven of rotten fruits.



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