The State of the Nelson: the LDS president’s fruits 4 years in.

  1. Money/Physical Wealth
  1. the cost/ramifications of telling the membership to toe the one-world government agenda in terms of lives lost, instead of calling out the obvious biblical evil,
  2. the blatant fabrications of interesting stories in conference talks/sermons that border on outright lies,
  3. the growing nods and connections to the globalist beast system agenda, the Vatican, and the elite Luciferian symbology in church media, talks, promotional materials, etc.,
  4. the college Skull and Bones affiliation and family pedophilia connections whose media coverage and cover-up just happened to coincide with the 7-day social media fast Nelson invited all the women in church to participate in,



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Caleb Rockstedt

Caleb Rockstedt


Father, Husband, Christian, Truther, Traditionalist, Homesteader, Philosopher, Author, Musician, Bear.