On August 12th 2021, the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released a controversial letter to its membership worldwide that will lead to further division within the church and, ultimately, an increasing mass exodus from its ranks.

In Utah alone, as of the beginning of August, more than 50% of Latter-day Saints were either publicly or privately opposed to getting the experimental, gene-altering injection. This polarizing new letter will undoubtedly convince some of the hesitant on-the-fencers, but will push far more otherwise lukewarm Latter-day Saints away.

We will be going through the entire letter point…

Polygamy, in general terms, is the practice of having multiple spouses at once.

Though certainly not the norm, approximately 2% of the world’s households are polygamous in nature. Polygamy is legal in almost a third of the world’s nations, and is still practiced illegally (to some extent) in almost all the rest.

Western nations in particular have a very divided relationship with polygamy. Many have, in the past, made very strict laws regarding marriage and specifically disallowed polygamous marriages, despite the obvious biblical precedent for the practice.

However, as evidenced by the graph above, the perceived moral acceptability of polygamy…

As part of a series of articles I’m writing on modern false traditions within the Utah-based LDS (or “Mormon”) church, it felt imperative to get quickly to the topic of modesty.

Before I begin, it needs to be said that this issue (in practice) will affect men and women differently, which it should; men and women are fundamentally different. However, the underlying concept or spirit of the law should be sought equally by both sexes.

Now, as always, in order to come to the most accurate doctrinal understanding we can, we will be going to the scriptures, the word of…

Ira Elderidge and his three wives 1864

Polygamy is a much debated (yet often ignored) topic within Mormonism. People tend to have strong feelings about it one way or another, yet don’t like to bring it up much, because it tends to be divisive.

Let’s get divisive, shall we?

Plural marriage or polygyny (more commonly referred to generally as polygamy) is the practice of having multiple wives at the same time. It was practiced officially in the Brighamite LDS church from the 1840s until 1890, and unofficially until 1933 when Heber J Grant began excommunicating those still practicing it privately.

There are several smaller fundamentalist sects of…

I have rewritten the song “Follow the Prophet” to make it “Come, Follow Jesus”. If you’re only here for that, you’re welcome to skip to the end. Otherwise, first, we’re going to get into why the original song is a big problem.

Latter-day Saints/Mormons have a very distinct culture that is in many ways separate from the rest of Christianity.

While, yes, this is the very sort of thing that you would expect from a denomination that claims to be the only Christian church with direct authority from God, from a psychological perspective, it’s also the exact type of isolated…

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka LDS church, aka Mormon church) is the largest denomination split from the original Church of Christ founded by American Restorationist prophet, Joseph Smith, in 1829, which splintered into several different churches upon Joseph’s death in 1844.

The “Word of Wisdom” (as it known to church members) is one of many revelations from God to Joseph recorded in the original Book of Commandments (now the Doctrine and Covenants), and particularly outlines the Lord’s “law of health” for his Saints in the last days.

(Note: At least 4 such general laws regarding food/health…


First they were a thing. Then they weren’t. And now, what?

With all the different denominations and doctrines during the history of Christendom and down until today, it seems like every church has a different answer on any given subject.

Finding a good, solid foundation involves more than just copying your local pastor, prophet or priest.

Here’s my Top Five Reasons All Christian Men Ought To Have A Beard:

  1. Jesus Had A Beard.

As Christians, Jesus should be our example in all things. …

-Joseph Smith

When we talk of Jesus healing, we tend to talk almost exclusively of his healing the sick, the physically unwell.

Or, by extension, we may speak of the healings performed by his disciples, the laying on of hands, priesthood blessings, administering with oil, even miraculous healings done through faith in the name of Jesus Christ by women in the early church, or perhaps the ongoing history of faith healings elsewhere in Christendom.

Maybe we have our own personal experiences with miraculous healing, or perhaps we just know of others.

For instance, about eleven years ago, I was in Idaho, touring…

Apparently, we live inside a flat, enclosed world.

Or, at least, a rapidly growing number of people across the internet believe that we do. In fact, if you have more than 50 friends on Facebook, you probably have friends who are closet flat-earthers but won’t ever admit it to you publicly.

The Flat Earth Theory has taken the internet by storm for the past 6–7 years and all anonymous surveys since 2018 have shown between 2.7% and 33% (yes, a full third) of respondents believe the earth to actually be flat and stationary.

And that number is only growing larger…

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Father, Husband, Christian, Truther, Traditionalist, Homesteader, Philosopher, Author, Musician, Bear.

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